Michael’s Computer Services has an in-house workshop for computer repairs. Our workshop practices, developed from over 20 years experience in the computer industry, include such features as:

  • Dust removal on all computers repaired, to remove harmful build-ups in your machine, and extend its operating life.
  • Airconditioned for the best environment for your computer while it is being repaired.
  • Computerised technician notes and records system to keep track of all repairs and parts installed during your computer repair.
  • Fully insured to protect your computer while it is in our care.
  • Business grade internet speed – highest speed available allows us to update and download fast, saving the customer in time and labour costs.
  • Dedicated backup, recovery and diagnostic servers.
  • More than 10 work areas to provide capacity to service many computers efficiently.
  • Extensive suite of diagnostic software.
  • Latest range of testing and repair tools.
  • A large range of quality parts on hand to minimize downtime.

How we handle repair jobs…

  • Check-in
    When a customer brings their computer in for repair, a job card is created for each computer, where we take down the customer details and computer issue/s you report to us. The job is then logged into our computerised tracking system, and then placed in the repair queue, awaiting our technicians.
  • Inspect
    The technician will inspect your computer, to determine the exact fault or work required. The results of our inspection, and each stage of the repair, is logged for your information, and printed copies are available at the completion of the repair.
  • Quote
    After inspecting your computer, we determine the costs involved to repair your computer. If the repairs are major, we will contact you with a fixed price quote, and an estimated time for completion. Generally, most repair jobs are completed within 1 to 4 business days.
  • Repair
    Once we’ve repaired your computer, we will contact you. Payment and pickup or delivery is arranged with the customer. After you have received your computer, you can feel safe knowing our repairs are covered for same fault issues up to 24 hours after pickup.

Some handy hints when bringing your computer in to us for repair.

  • When bringing your laptop in for repair, always bring the AC adapter.
  • When bringing your desktop in for repair, never bring the power cable.
  • Where possible, let us know any profile passwords when checking in your computer.
  • Take advantage of our repair job tracking feature, where you can follow in real time the progress of your repair.