All prices below are in Australian dollars, and include GST. Last price update Jan 2nd, 2024.

Minimum Bench Fee – $45

This is the minimum fee we will charge you in our workshop. Some ‘quick-fix’ jobs may be included in the minimum fee.

General Labour – $110 per hour

General labour is charged when any labour work is required to repair a system – including software fixes, changing settings, physical repairs, etc. General labour may also be applicable where extensive diagnostic work is required. Rate is charged in 5 min blocks.

Mobile Onsite Repair – $110 per hour + Travelling

Onsite labour rates are set at $110 per hour from arrival at the site. In addition, travelling charges are applied at $1.50 per klm, calculated for the shortest practical route from our Nanango office. A minimum  fee of $55 applies for all onsite jobs.

Remote Repair Sessions – $110 per hour

Our remote sessions are charged at our general hourly rate, with a $55.00 minimum fee.

After Hours Labour – $180 per hour

Our after hours labour rate is charged when any labour work is required outside our normal workshop hours. Normal hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 8:30am to 4pm Fridays. After hour rates are charged outside these hours, including public holidays and weekends where available, and is by prior appointment only. Travelling to after hours jobs is charged at $3.00 per klm.

Priority Service Labour – $180 per hour

Priority service labour is the rate charged per hour for urgent jobs allowing them to be completed as soon as possible ahead of other jobs in the queue. Priority service is applicable for workshop jobs only. Urgent onsite jobs are charged at after hours rates.

Data Recovery / Transfer – up to $400

Data recovery is available, subject to condition of hard drive / storage device. Data recovery is charged at our hourly rate, up to a cap of $400. Data transfer is also available, with the customer providing a suitable storage device or computer. Data transfer fee is up to $180, and includes transfer to a single backup folder. Data installation/configuration is available at our regular hourly rate.

Warranty / Insurance Inspection – $55.00

Warranty work for computers purchased through Michael’s Computer Services is free for the duration of the warranty. Items brought in for warranty or insurance inspection that have not been purchased through us will be charged our warranty inspection fee. Insurance inspection fees will be charged to the customer, not the insurance company.