What is our PC Maintenance & Security Service and what does it mean for you?

Our PC maintenance & security service works continually in the background on your PC or laptop, cleaning your file systems, protecting it against threats and intrusions, and if you choose, creating regular backups of your files either to a local drive, or to our secure offsite location, all without interrupting the use of your computer.

How our PC maintenance & security service works:
A tiny program is installed onto your computer that continually monitors your computer software and hardware components. This tiny program not only overseas the maintenance of your computer files and software, but, depending on your plan choice, also installs our security service (Emsisoft Business security), our remote support program, and our backup management software. 

Items monitored in your computer include processor (CPU) performance and temperature, hard drive performance, temperature and capacity, file system fragmentation and overall health, memory usage and performance, antivirus/anti-malware status, installed drivers, firewall status, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) errors, application crashes, Windows update status, and more. Monitoring these things allows us to catch any issues before they start, and help prevent potential failures and expensive repairs.

If selected, our security software replaces your existing security program, removing the need for multiple subscriptions, while protecting your files and online activity in real time. Our service provides business grade security, with hourly updates, protecting all your online access including emailing, banking, internet browsing, malware and bot intrusion prevention, and more.

What it doesn’t do:

Our PC maintenance and security service can prevent a wide range of computer problems, but we recognize that not all issues can be resolved this way. Failed internet connections, damage from storms/electrical surges, email provider issues, dead power supplies, etc. may still require a visit to our workshop or your home or business for repair. In such cases we offer a discounted workshop rate to those who subscribe to our maintenance service.

Our PC maintenance and security service “monitors” your computer in real time, but this does not mean that our technicians are able to view your emails, websearches, hard drive contents, personal files or folders at any random time. Our maintenance & security service is strictly for monitoring and addressing issues detected at the PC operating and hardware system levels. 

We do offer an on-demand remote support service, where one of our technicians remotely accesses your PC to fix software issues. This remote support requires your permission each time before access is available to us, and is billed separately to our PC maintenance and security service plans.

Is my computer compatible? 

Our maintenance plans can be run with any Windows PC or laptop running Windows 7 SP2, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11, and MacOS 10.15 and up.
Support for Linux and mobile devices is in development and will be available soon.

How much does it cost?:

  • Basic Maintenance Plan   —–   $16.50/ month
    PC maintenance done when PC is idle (ie, on but not in use)
    Temp file removal and disk cleanup
    Browser cache and extension check and optimize
    Critical OS updates check and installation
    File system integrity scan and defragment
    Windows startup routine check and optimize
    HDD, memory and video integrity check
    Applications check and update as needed
    Uses your own antivirus software
  • Basic Plus Maintenance & Security Plan  ——  $22/ month
    Everything in basic maintenance plan, with virus protection by our antivirus
    Emsisoft Business Security, installed and managed by us
  • Extended Maintenance Plan   ——   $33/ month
    Everything in basic maintenance plan
    Weekly data backups to secure off-site storage servers we manage
    Uses your own antivirus software
  • Ultra Maintenance & Security Plan   ——  $44/ month
    Everything in basic maintenance plan
    Weekly data backups to secure off-site storage servers we manage
    Emsisoft Business Security, installed and managed by us

    NOTE: Listed plan pricing is for 1 computer, and includes GST. Plans are on month to month basis,
    and can be changed at the end of any month. Plan cancellations require 7 days notice in
    writing. Computer upgrades, support requests, or issues outside of plan maintenance scope
    will be charged extra at regular hourly rates. Using Emsisoft Business Security removes existing malware and antivirus software, removing the need for another subscription, keeping costs down

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