Michael’s Computer Services (hereafter Michael’s Computers) Standard Customer Policies

1. Admission / Service:

The management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone being unreasonable or anti-social. Abusive or threatening behaviour, language or demeanour to our staff or customers will not be tolerated. We want all our customers to enjoy a pleasant experience and will do all in our power to maintain that. The Safety of our customers and staff is paramount.

2. Property & Title:

All goods must be paid for in full prior to title passing from Michael’s Computers to the customer. All goods remain property of Michael’s Computers until full and cleared payment has been received. Upon completion and full payment, the customer is entitled to receive their equipment plus any additional or amended items back from Michael’s Computers. Michael’s Computers reserves the right to dispose, by whichever method is considered appropriate by the company, any equipment from our premises that are not collected within 60 days of us informing the customer that work has been completed / ceased. We will hold you liable for any amounts due for work carried out, any additional transport / disposal costs and any cost incurred in chasing/ collecting the money that is owed. Should any payment be dishonoured, title will be assumed immediately by Michael’s Computers and goods must be given over to Michael’s Computers. Michael’s Computers reserves the right to take possession of such goods and the customer shall be liable for any costs incurred in doing so. The customer also agrees not to interfere or obstruct Michael’s Computers taking possession of goods in this circumstance.

3. Service Agreements:

For upgrade and repair work, once an agreement has been reached by the customer, a verbal instruction from the customer or his / her agent to carry out further work shall be construed as an extension of the agreement previously entered into. All additional costs incurred following this work shall be chargeable as outlined during the discussion and / or at standard Michael’s Computers rates of work. At times we may be required to open a case / component which have an intact “Warranty Void” sticker from the prior dealer / manufacturer. If we are required to do so, Michael’s Computers does not accept any inferred liability for the warranty, nor do we accept liability for damage to casing or components except by negligence of our staff.

4. Warranty: Labour (In House/On-Site):

Due to the sensitivity of electronic components, all work carried out by Michael’s Computers is in a controlled environment and is covered by our own warranty. Should there be any problem with the work carried out, this should be brought to the attention of Michael’s Computers within 48 hours of the machine being delivered, whereupon investigation and / or correction work will be carried out. Should the fault be found to be with the work of our technicians, no further charge will be made. Should the fault be found to be with the software or the neglect, willful damage or misuse, a new or unrelated fault, or a recurrence of a fault previously corrected but subsequently failing due to no fault of Michael’s Computers then our standard charges will be payable by the customer.

5. Warranty: Parts (New):

All new components are covered by a 12-month minimum manufacturer’s warranty. To protect both the customer and Michael’s Computers, all machines sealed with a warranty sticker which should only be removed / broken by Michael’s Computers Computer technicians. Should the seal be broken / removed by anyone else, all warranties covered by Michael’s Computers shall be deemed void and the customer shall have to take the matter up directly with the manufacturer. Certain items are considered to be “consumables” and these include mice, keyboards, inkjet cartridges, laptop batteries, etc. These items (and all other consumables) are excluded from all warranty provision by Michael’s Computers.

6. Warranty: Parts (Used):

All used components are sold with a 30 day warranty, unless otherwise stated in writing by a director of Michael’s Computers.

7. Warranty: Systems (New):

All new systems built by Michael’s Computers carry a 24 month (2 Year) RTB (Return to Base) hardware warranty as standard. No software warranty is given or implied, other than direct through the producers of the software. All systems are sealed to protect the warranty and should be left intact and not broken/removed by anyone other than Michael’s Computers technical staff. Should this seal not be intact when the machine is returned to / inspected by Michael’s Computers, the warranty provided by Michael’s Computers shall be deemed to have ceased. The customer is entitled to take any warranty matters up with the manufacturers, but the liability of Michael’s Computers shall be deemed ended.

8.  Warranty: Systems (Used):

Any second-hand complete system sold is with a 30 day RTB warranty unless otherwise stated in writing by a director of Michael’s Computers.

9. Warranty: Laptop/Notebooks (New):

All Warranties are provided by the manufacturer, further details will be provided prior to and following purchase or upon request.

10. Warranty: Laptop/Notebooks (Used):

Any second-hand laptop/notebook is sold with a 30 day RTB warranty unless otherwise stated in writing by a director of Michael’s Computers.

11. Repair/Upgrades:

Michael’s Computers will carry out the work requested by the customer and as subsequently agreed (See 3 above). Should the machine have any other problems, which are not brought to the attention of Michael’s Computers, we will not undertake any work to rectify those problems unless subsequently agreed to by the customer.

12. Payments:

For all components, service and upgrades/repairs work, payment is due in full within 7 days of when work is completed / goods collected. For new and second hand systems a 50% deposit is required upon order confirmation, and the remainder upon pickup or completion of the system. For items “Collected & Delivered” by Michael’s Computers for repair/upgrade/service payment must be made in full before goods are released. This can be done when the items are returned to your premises. All goods remain property of Michael’s Computers until full and clear payment is received. Should any payment be dishonoured, Michael’s Computers reserves the right to recover monies, goods to which title has not passed/goods provided by Michael’s Computers, as well as costs from the customer until all outstanding amounts and costs are reimbursed and the company is no longer financially impaired by the actions of the customer.

13. Salvage:

We have a large number of machines being worked on at any time and finite space to work in. We reserve the right to dispose of any goods which are removed from customer machines during upgrades/repair/service work and then not returned to the customers’ machine. Should the customer wish to retain any old components following the work carried out by Michael’s Computers then the customer should state this prior to any work being carried out. Should this not be done, Michael’s Computers takes no responsibility for the components removed whilst work is in progress or subsequently and reserves the right to dispose of the components at its own discretion and these items shall be deemed to be the property of Michael’s Computers.

14. Collection of Goods:

All goods left for service / repair should be collected within 7 days of completion of work being notified to customer, unless prior arrangement for collection is made. All payments are deemed payable within 7 days of when work is completed. Should the customer not collect the goods within 60 days of being informed (by any communication means) that work has been completed, Michael’s Computers reserve the right to sell those goods to offset their costs. We will hold you liable for any monies due for work carried out, any additional transport / disposal costs and any costs incurred in chasing / collecting the money that is owed.

15. Refunds:

Will only be given against goods that are found to be faulty within the warranty period, subject to those provisions set on above. Should the customer purchase goods that they later decide is not what they want, they may be charged a 20% restocking fee at the discretion of Michaels Computers. All items for refund must be returned within 7 days in unused and original sale condition, along with the original receipt. Faulty items must be returned within 24 hours for full refund. Outside 24 hours, faulty items will be treated as under warranty, and sent to manufacturer for repair/replacement.  NO returns or refunds will be considered on consumable items (such as CD/DVDs, fans, printer cartridges & toners, software, etc), labour performed, or items returned incomplete or without all original packaging.

16. Special Order Items:

These are deemed to be items ordered specifically upon the verbal or written request of a customer which exceed the usual items carried by Michael’s Computers, i.e. those items that, without specific request or instruction, Michael’s Computers would not normally purchase for or on behalf of a customer or for stock purposes. Full payment of the quoted price is required in these circumstances and may include delivery charges, dependant upon the supplier of the item(s). No refunds will be given on special order items.

17. Business Ownership:

This business is owned and operated by MA & NL Shea, T/A Michael’s Computer Services, registered office 37 Arthur Street West, Nanango, Qld, 4615. Michael’s Computers, ABN 95 907 995 698, is a registered Computer Sales, Repair and Service business.