All prices below are in Australian dollars, and include GST. Prices are for webdesign only. Domain registration and hosting is additional. Last price update May 15, 2020.

Minimum Website Fee – $895

This is the minimum fee we will charge you to build or rebuild a website. This fee includes a basic static website with logo, colour theme, and up to 5 pages.

General Purpose Website – $1295

General purpose websites are our most popular option, and include logo, graphics, colour theme, interactive admin area, contact form, and up to 10 pages of content. General purpose websites are usually CMS based sites, where a database and editing framework is included. Personal and some small business websites which advertise services and contact details are included in this category.

E-Commerce Website – From $1800

Ecommerce websites are online business opportunities, and include logo, graphics, colour theme, interactive admin area, contact form, online product database, checkout and payment portal. Each e-commerce web design project is quoted individually, as the number of products and product variables affect the total labour required.

Website Maintenance – $75 per hour

Website maintenance is offered after the initial website is completed and made online and available to the public. Our website clients often elect to have us do updates to text and photo content, rather than risk the corruption of their website.

Domain Registration  

Pricing for domain registration varies according to the domain extension required. – $38.00 per 2 years  – $38.00 per 2 years
.com  –  $24.00 per 2 years
.net   – $24.00 per 2 years

For full domain pricing, see here

Web Hosting 

Web hosting is required to hold your website files, and make them available to the internet. Most websites now require at least 1GB of disk space to operate efficiently. Web hosting prices vary depending on the amount of disk space allocated.

2GB – $149.00 per year
3GB – $209.00 per year
5GB – $329.00 per year

For full web hosting prices, see here