What is remote computer repair?

Remote computer repair is a service that allows us to operate your computer from a remote location as if we were there in front of it. At all times the customer can see exactly what we are doing and even cancel the connection if they feel the need to. We takes security and privacy very seriously and our remote software uses some of the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

We have been repairing and servicing computers remotely for over 12 years. The best part of this service is its convenience to the customer. Most computer problems are software related and can be fixed quickly and affordably using our remote computer repair service.

How Does It Work?

Our remote repair sessions are only initiated once the customer has contacted our office, and the technician has received their approval to do the remote repair. At the agreed time, the technician will phone the customer, and have them install a small program to allow the remote connection. The customer then tells the technician the access details given by the program, and the technician then connects to the customer’s computer. This remote connection allows the technician to see and correct any issues that the customer is experiencing with their computer. Depending on the computer issue, the technician will remain on the phone to the customer to explain the repair that is being done.

What Can I Expect?

While we are performing the service on your computer, you will be able to see all the work and repairs in real time. Remote computer repair session’s generally last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. This obviously depends on the nature of the repair and the complexity of the issue at hand.

Once we have finished repairing your computer, we disconnect from your computer and we will not be able to reconnect, unless you choose to reuse the program for further service. We are happy to further explain this process over the phone to clarify any concerns that you may still have.

The customer is then asked for payment details (usually credit card), and an invoice is emailed to the customer outlining the work completed.

When Can’t a Remote Session be Used?

Sometimes a remote repair session is not possible. This is when the customer is not on a broadband internet service, or the computer issue prevents access to the Internet, such as in some virus infections or network connectivity issues. If this is the case, the customer will be advised to take their computer to a computer repairer close by to them, or if feasible, given the opportunity to book an onsite visit by one of our technicians. If you have any questions about our remote computer repair service, please feel free to call us at our office, on (07) 4171-0981.

Supporting Operating Systems

Windows® 10
Windows® 8/8.1
Windows® 7
Apple Mac OSX

To get started call our office on (07) 4171-0981 or book a remote computer repair online using our support request form. A technician will then call you before the service is performed.